EzeVoIP+ ZenDesk Integration

Manage Your Sales & Support With Our ZenDesk Integration

After finishing the effective reconciliation of ActiveCampaign with EzeVoIP, all the ActiveCampaign contact cards get consequently adjusted with your EzeVoIP ones in few minutes or less. Specialists experience the advantages of settling on and getting decisions from a solitary stage.


ZenDesk Integration Feature

Makes the customer support easy

From the Zendesk panel, you may place calls right away with a single click. It becomes more productive by doing away with the process of switching between the two applications.

Maintain Call Logs And Its Analytics

We listen to and keep track of all the phone calls, which helps us remember important things about our customers.

Quick & Easy Setup

Set up the integration between Zendesk and EzeVoIP easily. It doesn't call for expertise in sophisticated programming. As a result, the efficiency will be increased more.

Synchronize data Automatically

EzeVoIP automatically adds activity notes and syncs open ticket contacts with Zendesk tickets. The executive is able to provide customers with accurate information.

Want to Integrate ZenDesk with EzeVoIP?

Make & Receive Calls

A ticket with call log activity is produced in Zendesk whenever a call is placed using the EzeVoIP dialer. Additionally, you can take calls, and all of the logs will sync automatically.


Follow Every Call Activity on Zendesk

You can monitor all of your call actions with Zendesk integration from the Zendesk or EzeVoIP dashboard. Every call log, message, and other activity is monitored and automatically recorded in the contact’s activity section.
Thus, switching between windows is no longer necessary.


Find Out Here How To Configure Your EzeVoIP - ZenDesk Integration!

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