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EzeVoIP is a company that is very good at making a special kind of phone service called VoIP. They are known all around the world and have lots of customers in many different countries. They have a big team of smart people who make great products and help customers when they have problems. They also go to big events and show their cool ideas to people from all over the world.

Mission Is To Bring All The Power of Every Business.

We want to be the best sales and marketing tool for businesses everywhere. We have a special phone system that can call people automatically and we can talk to people in lots of different ways. We also work well with other programs that businesses use. Our platform helps businesses talk to more people on the phone, make more sales, and grow their business. We have a team that is always ready to help and we are always trying to make our platform better based on what our users want.
Dialer for call center
24/7 Live Call Support
Multilevel IVR
Call analytics

A few great reasons to
choose EzeVoIP

Eze VOIP one of the leading virtual phone system that assists in increasing agent productivity, automating workflows, tracking team performance, and reducing communication costs.
Fast & Stress-free Deployment
You can create a phone system for your business really fast and easy without having to buy or put together any actual stuff.
Cost Effective
EzeVoIP is a type of phone system that helps businesses talk to people without needing to buy expensive stuff.
Connect From Anywhere
It's like a special phone and some really smart apps that can help people talk to each other no matter where they are in the world.
Accurate Call Reports
Make your call center better by using our special tool that helps you choose the right people for your team.

Save money by bundling your Toll Free with EzeVoIP CRM.

Get a special phone number for your business so that customers can call you for help without being charged. You can set up this special number easily using the EzeVoIP app, and it works in any country.
$17/ per month

Everything you need to make your telecalling smarter.

  • Dialer
    With our robotized calling framework, you can make up to two times however many calls as in the past. Whether you need to call individuals in view of their status, click on a button to dial a number, or call numerous individuals for a particular mission, you can pick the calling choice you like utilizing our auto dialer.
  • Integrations
    Benefit from a continuous, no code incorporation process. Get custom combinations and easily interface your EzeVoIP account with your favored stage or specialist co-op.
  • Customer Engagement
    Take full advantage of multichannel commitment. Assemble pre-characterized formats and adaptable contents. Get SMS and WhatsApp robotization and send texts - all without saving any contact data!
  • Team Management
    Through real-time data, you can see what and how your telemarketers are performing. Get call statistics and break alerts to increase productivity and streamline your workday.
  • Lead Management
    From lead portion to defining lead boundary to getting to lead history, guarantee 360-degree lead the board. Remain in charge of your leads by following and overseeing them generally on a solitary stage.

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