India Mart

Effortlessly manage leads with IndiaMart integration

Manage Your Sales & Support With Our India Mart Integration

Real-time lead capture from IndiaMart is possible because to EzeVoIP’s interface with the marketplace. Stop manually entering lead data and make sure there are no leads leaking. Increase your sales efficiency by automating lead distribution and classification using IndiaMart Integration.


India Mart Integration Benefits

Automate lead storage

You can bring in all the people who are interested in your product or service and keep track of them in one place. Then, you can organize them based on how important they are and make it easier to sell things to them.

Capture lead data in real-time

Keep track of and organize all the information about people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can quickly figure out if they are a good fit for what you are offering and sort them into different groups based on their level of interest or how they found out about you.

No-code is necessary

You can bring your Google Sheets to the EzeVoIP dashboard really easily, without having to use any hard-to-understand codes.

Track leads with automated notifications

You will receive a text message right away whenever new potential customers are added, and you can keep track of how well these potential customers are moving closer to becoming actual customers.

Want to Integrate India Mart with EzeVoIP?

Automate Your Tasks

India Mart and EzeVoIP integration allow you to automate your tasks. You can define your workflow between EzeVoIP and any other app in just a few steps.
You can add various triggers and actions and automate any number of tasks you want.

Automatically Record Information

You can check all the details of the calls, voicemails and messages. You can also automate a task to notify you with all the details of the call through mail or anything of your choice after the call ends.



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