EzeVoIP+ Hubspot Integration

Manage Your Sales & Support With Our Hubspot Integration

Experience seamless data synchronization, improved customer relations, increased support, and sales efficiency with EzeVoIP-HubSpot integration. Call directly from HubSpot, sync all cloud recordings, get real-time call status reports, and lots more, sign up now!.


Hubspot Integration Feature

Nurture Customer Relationships

The greatest method to manage customer relationships is to. hence switching between two programs is not necessary.

Seamless Data Synchronization

Existing contacts on HubSpot have a data sync that happens automatically. You can keep track of any activity affecting your HubSpot contacts by looking at the timeline.

Automated Workflow

The automated workflow of EzeVoIP eliminates the need for human data entry and transfer. Both touchpoints' activity is automatically updated as it occurs.

Boost Support and Sales Efficiency

Let your sales and support team use this amazing tool to bring together information from both places and use it to give customers really great help.

Want to Integrate Hubspot with EzeVoIP?

Make & Receive calls from HubSpot

You may get in touch with prospects more quickly and start a discussion right away by utilizing Click-to-Dial within HubSpot. Within HubSpot, keep track of any assignment changes made through EzeVoIP.

To ensure that a missed call never results in a lost lead, use callback requests.

Once a list from HubSpot has been loaded, Power Dial through sales leads. Your sales representatives can use it to call a huge list of clients or prospects right away.

Track all your call activities in HubSpot

You can monitor every aspect of your call activity thanks to the HubSpot integration. Every call log, message, and other activity is monitored and automatically recorded in the contact’s activity section.

As a result, switching between windows is no longer necessary.


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