Cloud Contact Center CX

AI-enabled Contact Center CX Software

Ready To Deploy, Remote Access, Omnichannel-Enabled

We have a special computer program that lets you start a call center on the internet. It helps you talk to lots of people and gives you lots of features like making calls and helping with sales and support. You can have as many calls and people using it as you want.

Capabilities Of EzeVoIP Virtual Contact Center Software

Omnichannel Communication

Talk to your customers in different ways like talking, texting, or video calls. Keep all those conversations organized and easy to find so you can help them quickly.

Call Records & Transcription

You can automatically save and listen to all the phone calls that come in and go out. This helps the people in charge of the phone center listen to what the workers and customers are saying to each other.

AI Call Distribution

Automatically answer and direct incoming calls using different features that help make sure the right person gets the call, like using different teams of people and making sure they have the right skills for the call.

CRM Integration

Integrate EzeVoIP with programs like Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, or even your own special program, so that customer support people can help customers faster and in a more personal way.

Frictionless Call Management

With EzeVoIP, you can easily use different features like a helpful voice system, a way to make calls by clicking, designing how calls work, setting up specific hours for your business, recording messages, transferring calls, joining conversations, hiding your number, and customizing the caller ID.

Centralized Agent Management

This tool helps bosses keep an eye on, change, and remove people who work for them, and see all the information about phone calls in one place.

Managing Call Center Is More Easier When You Choose TeleCMI Contact Center Software

Features designed for improving call center productivity and business communication.

You can easily add more people to your call center team, going from just one person to over 1000! It’s really easy to get started, all you have to do is go to the EzeVoIP dashboard.


Our special system and phone technology make sure that all your calls and talks are kept safe and secret by using really advanced technology and a special kind of internet storage.


Keep track of important numbers like how many calls you answered, how many you missed, and how many calls are happening right now. You can also look back at a list of all the calls you’ve had using special reports that help you understand the information better.


This helps your workers talk to customers from different places like their office, home, or even outside using a special app. It lets them work from different locations.


You can make it seem like you have an office in different countries and sound like a professional by getting special phone numbers that work internationally. You can easily give these numbers to different people when they need to make calls.



Benefits Of Our Cloud Contact Center For Your Business

Reduced Workload

Use our special computer program to reduce the number of phone calls we receive by 60%.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Make customers happy by answering their questions and solving problems the first time they ask.

Stress-free Agent Monitoring

This helps bosses at call centers see how well their workers are doing and if they are available to help customers.

One-Click Deployment

You can set up your cloud contact center really quickly and easily without needing any special equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions
In Contact Center Software

Does TeleCMI contact center software support CRM Integration?

Yes, you can connect customer relationship management (CRM) and other tools to the EzeVoIP contact center software.

Does EzeVoIP offer a refund?

If someone decides they don't want our services anymore and follows our rules for cancelling, they can get their money back.

Do you have desktop and mobile apps?

Yes, we have special programs that you can use on computers and phones. You can use our contact center software on computers, phones, and the internet.

Do you offer SMS services?

You can use our texting feature to send and receive messages within India. We also have a special service for sending messages outside of India for special campaigns.

Does EzeVoIP provide an API?

Yes, we have a special tool that allows our friends to use our phone system's features for their own call centers.