Business Phone System

AI Cloud-based Business Phone System

Launch-Ready, Access From Anywhere, Unified Communications.

This is a special phone system that helps small businesses, big companies, and call centers. It lets you make calls over the internet, send messages, have video meetings, and even connect with your customer information. Lots of companies from all around the world use it.

Why Choose EzeVoIP Hosted Business Phone System

Communicate From Anywhere

The EzeVoIP virtual office phone system helps people who work together in different places to talk, send messages, and have video calls. They can use it on their phones or computers, no matter where they are.

Improve Team Productivity

Work together and get things done quickly. Talk to people who are far away using a special phone system that uses the internet. Send messages or have video meetings. This will make it easier for businesses to talk to each other and get more work done.

End-to-end Call Encryption

We use really advanced technology that is certified for safety and privacy. All your talks and voice recordings go through our special network that goes all over the world. This makes sure that your information is kept safe and secure.

Reduce Communication Costs

The EzeVoIP cloud telephony platform helps companies save money on phone calls because we have our own special system and can connect with other phone networks all around the world.

CRM Integration

Connect the EzeVoIP business phone system to programs like Zoho, Pipedrive, and Salesforce, as well as your own special program. This helps connect the people who sell things and the people who help customers. It also helps with marketing by allowing calls to be made directly from the program.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

We have lots of computers all around the world that talk to each other. If one computer stops working, another one takes its place so that people can keep talking and working together all the time, no matter where they are.

Features Of Our Enterprise & Small Business Phone System

Features designed for improving call center productivity and business communication.

Use a smart computer program to help you answer phone calls more quickly and efficiently. It can help you avoid missing any calls and reduce the time people have to wait on hold. It can also record and write down what people say on the phone, let you listen in on calls, call people back, save messages, and manage the order in which calls are answered.


Use a special computer program to help with answering customer questions and doing regular tasks for your business. You can program it to work specifically for your business and it can help with things like banking, making reservations, setting up appointments, and answering common questions.

Automatically send calls to the right team. Our system can send calls to the team with the right skills, at the right time, and even make sure the same person answers each time.


We bring together all the different ways people talk to us, like talking on the phone, texting, using WhatsApp, and having video calls, into one place. This helps people who help us solve problems do a better job and makes us happier.


You can have special phone numbers for your business that people can call for free from many different countries. You can use different devices like phones and computers to answer these calls and talk to customers.


You can see reports about phone calls right away and they are very accurate. Agents and supervisors can log in to use it. You can use it on a computer or phone. It helps business owners and supervisors keep an eye on live phone calls, how well the agents are doing their job, and even understand how callers feel based on what they say.

Solutions For All Your Business Communication Challenges


Improve your selling skills by using the EzeVoIP cloud phone system together with your CRMs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Make sure your customers are happy and keep coming back by giving them helpful and consistent support through different ways like phone, email, and online chat.

Virtual Call Center
You can start a contact center on the internet really quickly without having to pay any fees to set it up.
Hybrid Team Communication

Using a special phone system that is stored on the internet, you can talk to people inside your company and outside your company.


Frequently Asked Questions
In Business Phone System

Do You have a CRM Integration feature?

Yes, you can connect your customer management and other business tools to the EzeVoIP phone system.

Do you provide desktop and mobile apps?

Yes, we have special programs that you can use on a computer or a phone. You can use our platform on a computer, phone, or on the internet.

Can I get a refund?

If someone cancels their plans to use a product shortly after they start using it, they can get their money back as long as they follow the rules for refunds and cancellations.

Do you offer SMS services for India and International countries?

You can use our texting feature to send and receive messages within India. If you want to send messages outside of India, we have a separate service for that.

Does EzeVoIP provide an API?

Yes, we have a simple way for other companies to use our Voice API. It lets them do all the things they can do with our EzeVoIP phone system, like managing calls and using different features.

Can EzeVoIP virtual numbers support incoming calls from different countries?

Yes, our platform can receive phone calls from people in other countries.