Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Swift Implementation, Call Anywhere, and Omnichannel-based.

EzeVoip Speech Analytics guarantees expedited call quality assurance, enhanced agent evaluation, and effective coaching — all culminating in the overall improvement of your team’s performance.



How Can Benefit Your Contact Center?

Assessing 100% of calls and interactions

EzeVoip Speech Analytics provides numerous advantages to your business. It guarantees comprehensive call coverage, identifying critical interactions that require coaching attention, such as customer objections, competitor comparisons, compliance gaps, script deviations, and more. With EzeVoip Speech Analytics, no call goes unheard, ensuring a thorough analysis of all interactions.

Achieve quicker evaluations in less time

With the ability to assess a 30-minute call in just a few minutes, EzeVoip Speech Analytics efficiently scans through crucial call moments, allowing you to listen to them with a single click and provide immediate feedback. As a result, your quality analysts can dedicate more time to coaching impactfully rather than randomly sifting through calls.

Coach your reps better

Enhance your representatives' coaching with EzeVoip Speech Analytics. The system automatically identifies and filters the calls that your coaching team should focus on, leading to quicker and more precise feedback. Moreover, you can conduct comparative analysis to ensure that your agents are making progress and heading towards improvement.

Facilitate quicker onboarding of new agents

Accelerate the onboarding process for new agents using EzeVoip Speech Analytics. Enable them to learn from the finest examples in your calls. Additionally, they can independently review their own calls to identify areas for improvement without requiring direct assistance from a trainer.

Features Of Our Enterprise & Small Business Phone System

Features designed for improving call center productivity and business communication.

Our robust mobile, desktop, and web apps allow you to communicate flexibly with your existing devices and enables remote working.


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Implement EzeVoIP Enterprise and small business Cloud PBX instantly to your mobile, desktop, and IP phone devices and access from anywhere using our Android, iOS, and web apps.


Get local and international virtual numbers for 57+ countries such as USA, UK, India, Singapore, Australia, and more. Also, set up new virtual business lines more quickly when the business grows.


Witness enhanced team productivity and collaboration with the help of our advanced call management and automation features.


Understanding the Mechanism Behind Speech Analytics

Speech analytics entails a sequence of sophisticated procedures aimed at scrutinizing call recordings to glean invaluable insights concerning both customers and agents. The process commences with the extraction of conversations from the system, followed by the segregation of metadata from the recording, which includes details about the handling agent, client particulars, the customer’s issue, date, and time, among others.

Subsequently, the call recording undergoes conversion into textual or transcript format, wherein audio signals like agitation and silence are expunged to achieve a coherent structure. Lastly, the speech analytics software thoroughly analyzes the data, yielding profound revelations such as the most frequently employed keywords or phrases, customer demeanor and sentiments, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How does speech analytics software work?

The core purpose of speech analytics software, also known as voice analytics software, is to thoroughly examine call recordings and extract valuable insights, enabling organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, make necessary adjustments to their processes, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Why is speech analytics essential?

The significance of speech analytics transcends numerous aspects. Primarily, it enables organizations to evaluate the proficiency of their workforce, the efficacy of their strategic planning, the preferences and aversions of their customers, and the areas in which they may encounter deficiencies. Armed with these invaluable insights, appropriate and decisive measures can be undertaken.

Which businesses can reap the rewards of speech analytics software?

All forms of enterprises heavily reliant on customer service stand to gain from investing in speech analytics software. This sophisticated technology aids in call transcription, moment analysis, data filtering, keyword examination, and various other essential tasks.

How does speech analytics enhance team training?

By employing speech analytics software, companies can gain insights into the effectiveness of their agents, the efficiency of their processes, and the strengths and weaknesses of their procedures.