Automatically capture leads from Facebook


Manage Your Sales & Support With Our Facebook Integration

Facebook is a great social media site for reaching your target audience. With NeoDove’s useful Facebook integration, you’ll never miss out on a lead, can answer to questions right away, and can assign leads immediately.
Additionally, you may easily link your Facebook account to EzeVoIP. You will be able to see every lead created from Facebook on EzeVoIP’s platform thanks to this integration.


Facebook Integration Benefits

Saves your Time

Lessen time spent on allotting leads, effectively speak with them and lift by and large deals productivity.

Greater Convenience

On NeoDove's unified platform, you can store, manage, and update all of your lead data in real time. Simple lead qualification, classification, and ranking depending on campaigns or status.

Improved Productivity

To make a team work better together, use easier secret messages, improve the order of how things get done, and share information smoothly.

Increased Opportunities

Receive an immediate SMS notification when new leads are added, make sure no time is wasted contacting leads, and monitor their progress to fully take advantage of chances.

Want to Integrate Facebook with EzeVoIP?

Automate Your Tasks

Facebook and EzeVoIP integration allow you to automate your tasks. You can define your workflow between EzeVoIP and any other app in just a few steps.
You can add various triggers and actions and automate any number of tasks you want.

Automatically Record Information

You can check all the details of the calls, voicemails and messages. You can also automate a task to notify you with all the details of the call through mail or anything of your choice after the call ends.



Discover How To Set Up Your EzeVoIP - Facebook Integration Here!

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