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Best AI-based Cloud PBX Provider

Faster Implementation, Call From Anywhere, Omnichannel-based.

You can use EzeVoIP Cloud PBX to take care of your business conversations on the internet. It helps you talk to your team members and offices all over the world. You can start using it quickly without needing any special equipment.


Experience Hassle-free & Uninterrupted Communication All Time.

Fast & Stress-free Deployment

You can set up a phone system for your business quickly and easily without needing to buy and install any physical equipment. You can get phone numbers for your business, add new people to use the phone system, or transfer your current phone number.

Connect From Anywhere

This helps companies talk to their team members who are not in the same place. It uses a special phone system and apps that are really smart and can connect people all over the world.

Seamless Customer Support

Give your customers the best help and make them happy. Use our fancy phone system to quickly answer their questions and make them happy right away.

Cost Effective

EzeVoIP Cloud PBX is a special phone system for businesses that doesn't need expensive equipment. Instead, it uses the internet to help companies talk to each other without spending too much money. We have our own special program that saves money and is approved by the people in charge.

Most Secure Platform

All the phone calls and information we use are sent through a very strong and spread-out network of special computer buildings. This makes sure that all the information stays safe and that our conversations are private. We also follow important rules to keep everything secure and protect people's personal information.

Accurate Call Reports

Improve the way you choose people for your call center and make your business better by using our special tool that tells you how well your calls are going right now and gives you the right information.

Features Of Our Enterprise & Small Business Phone System

Features designed for improving call center productivity and business communication.

Our strong apps for phones, computers, and the internet let you talk and work from far away using the devices you already have.


You can make as many phone calls as you want on EzeVoIP select plans. This is really useful for companies with big groups of people who need to make calls.
You can use EzeVoIP on your phone, computer, or special phone to make calls for your business. You can also use it on different devices and even when you’re not at the office. Just download the apps on your Android or iPhone, or use it on the internet.


You can get special phone numbers for different countries like the USA, UK, India, Singapore, and Australia. These numbers are not real, but they work like real phone numbers. They can help you talk to people in those countries without actually being there. And if your business gets bigger, you can easily get more of these special phone numbers.


You will see that our special features for phone calls can help a team work together better and get more things done.


Start with EzeVoIP Cloud PBX in 4 Easy Steps

Register Your Number

Find and register virtual phone numbers for 57+ countries within our dashboard.

Onboard Users

Send incoming calls and calls waiting in line to the right customer service people using specific rules.

Setup Call Flow

Create a system that helps your business answer phone calls and direct them to the right place.

Track & Manage Calls

You can see all the information about phone calls, like who you talked to, how long the call was, and even listen to the calls as they happen.


Frequently Asked Questions
In Cloud PBX

Does EzeVoIP cloud PBX support CRM Integration?

Yes, people who use EzeVoIP can connect their CRM and helpdesk tools to the phone system.

Does EzeVoIP have mobile and desktop apps?

Yes, people can use our platform from anywhere using EzeVoIP apps on their Android, iPhone, or computer. They can also use special phones to connect to the platform.

Do you provide Click2Call API?

EzeVoIP has special features that let people talk to each other using their computers or phones. They can also make calls by clicking on a button. These features are available for EzeVoIP's customers and business partners.

Do you offer SMS services?

Yes, our platform has a special feature that lets businesses send text messages to their customers.

Does EzeVoIP provide refunds?

If someone stops using our service and follows the rules, they can get their money back.