Call Tracking

Growth-hacking Software For Call Tracking

Discover the marketing campaigns that act as a bridge between you and your esteemed customers.

  • Call-tracking Examine the campaigns that are eliciting calls, conversions, and substantial revenues.
  • Real-time refinement Optimize campaign strategies in real-time to foster an increase in revenue-generating calls.
  • Dynamic number insertion Implement dynamic number insertion, call routing, and caller insights to discern the most effective methods.

What to Look for When Comparing Call Tracking Providers?

Intelligent call routing

Endeavor to provide your callers with the assistance they seek on their initial contact through Astute Call Routing. This intelligent system directs callers to executives best suited to fulfill their needs.

Keyword monitoring

The tracking service for businesses efficiently manages leads generated through phone calls by monitoring keywords. It offers valuable insights into the keywords associated with your company, aiding in the focused pursuit of your SEO goals.

Integration with CRM

By incorporating CRM Integration, agents can better meet customers' requirements. Equipped with call history and preferred product categories, executives are empowered to serve customers with greater precision.

Network infrastructure

Many providers offer their services through an available network hosted by a larger provider. Determining whether the network is hosted and operated by the call tracking software provider is essential to avoid potential issues and reduce response times.

Customer service excellence

Customer service plays a pivotal role in all cloud-based software solutions. In the event of network issues or other problems, customer service becomes the primary support resource. Therefore, opt for a provider known for reliable and efficient customer service with a proven track record.

Pricing structure

Different providers offer distinct features at varying prices. Some may offer more features for less money, while others may provide premium features at a higher cost. Thoroughly analyze the packages and services offered to select the one that best suits your needs.

Features Of Our Enterprise & Small Business Phone System

Features designed for improving call center productivity and business communication.

Our robust mobile, desktop, and web apps allow you to communicate flexibly with your existing devices and enables remote working.


Get unlimited calls on EzeVoIP select plans. Helpful for organizations with large teams and users.
Implement EzeVoIP Enterprise and small business Cloud PBX instantly to your mobile, desktop, and IP phone devices and access from anywhere using our Android, iOS, and web apps.


Get local and international virtual numbers for 57+ countries such as USA, UK, India, Singapore, Australia, and more. Also, set up new virtual business lines more quickly when the business grows.


Witness enhanced team productivity and collaboration with the help of our advanced call management and automation features.


Start with EzeVoIP Cloud PBX in 4 Easy Steps

Register Your Number

Find and register virtual phone numbers for 57+ countries within our dashboard.

Onboard Users

Redirect inbound and queued calls to available customer representatives based on predefined routing criteria.

Setup Call Flow

Design IVR and call flow for your business numbers and route calls easily.

Track & Manage Calls

Monitor complete call analytics including live feed, call history, and duration.


Frequently Asked Questions
In Cloud PBX

Does EzeVoIP cloud PBX support CRM Integration?

Yes, customers can integrate their CRM and helpdesk tools into the EzeVoIP cloud PBX phone system.

Does EzeVoIP have mobile and desktop apps?

Yes, users can easily access our platform from any place using TeleCMI Android, iOS, and web apps and can be connected with IP and desk phones.

Do you provide Click2Call API?

Of course, EzeVoIP offers voice and Click2Call API integration features to clients and partners.

Do you offer SMS services?

Yes, our platform has in-built SMS feature that allow businesses to communicate with customers using text messages.

Does EzeVoIP provide refunds?

Customers can get a refund upon qualified subscription cancellation that meets our refund and cancellation policy.